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Several dignitaries of note attended the auspicious event which was chaired by the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana, H. E Ademola Olusegi Ouatowokan.

This pioneering event in African Aviation is supported by many African countries such as Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Libya, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Ethiopia, Zambia, Togo, South Africa and Egypt to name but a few. In addition, several Ambassadors represented international countries such as Russia and China while high level delegates from Australia, France, Spain, Lebanon, Canada, Europe and the USA also attended the event.

Furthermore, leading Government entities were also present, representing inter alia:

  • Ghana Maritime Authority
  • Ministry of Education of Ghana
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Port and Harbours Authorities

 Key Economic partners who attended the event included:

  • The Aviation industry (South African Airways, Air Côte d’Ivoire, British Airways, TAP Portugal, Egypt Air, Emirates, Lufthansa, Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines, Rwandair, Air Burkina, KLM, Delta Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Al Italia, Ethiopian Airlines, Air Mali
  • International and National Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Industry
  • Telecom


The 1st Global Aviation Exhibition for Africa will be held at Kotoka International Airport Accra, Ghana.

This pioneering African Event focuses on and integrates three critical areas in the world of Aviation:

  • Airport Infrastructures and Suppliers
    One of the aims of the African Air Show is to highlight the importance of infrastructure within aviation, including airport procurement, supplies, solutions and technology. The African Air Show will attract key aviation industry players to discover first-hand the range of new technologies and solutions that the industry has to offer. The African Air Show is an ideal platform to discover the latest technologies and learn about emerging trends and networking with key decision- makers and get first-hand knowledge about the industry’s present and future growth.

    By 2040, all airports on the African Continent will need to be expanded or supplemented by additional airports so as to handle the anticipated growth of 350% to 600% over current air passenger levels in Air Traffic.

  • Human Capital Development
    With the growth rate in African Aviation (around 6.3%) surpassing the global growth rate (hovering around 4.5%), the urgency to address human capital needs for the next 25 years has become a critical imperative. Ghana, alone, is experiencing a growth rate of over 9.2%. The African Air Show will focus on the latest trends, training and recruitment within the aviation industry so as to prepare Africa to meet the challenges of the next 25

    The Conference aims to provide an opportunity to chart out career opportunities in African Aviation, ask questions of industry experts and enjoy a hands-on experience within the aviation and aerospace industry – Empowering Africa through training and
human capital development!

    The African Air Show promotes the belief that human capital development will continue to be rooted in a strong training culture which integrates experiences of the past with the massive requirements of the future.

    The Conference will address the issue that training not only delivers operational effectiveness but also caters to the dreams, aspirations and ambitions of individuals looking for a long term career in the aviation industry.

    With Africa at the forefront of global aviation growth, the Conference will offer participants an ideal platform to be at the forefront of the fastest growth rates in aviation and airport-related human capital opportunities.

    Learn. Interact. Exchange. Succeed.

  • The Aviation Exhibition: Connecting the world of aviation to the African market
    The largest exhibition for General, Business and Commercial Aviation in Africa. The African Air Show brings together major players within the aviation industry, enabling a demanding clientele to discover the industry's latest developments and innovations in a remarkable and convenient location.

    General, Business and Commercial aviation have seen strong growth within Africa in terms of number of movements and registered aircraft which have increased steadily over the last few years. Part of this growth is due to a growing demand by African companies to efficiently transport teams to remote areas in certain industries such as mining, oil and gas.

    Africa is a fertile market for the growth of General, Business and Commercial Aviation as well as Growing Airport Infrastructure Demand thus predicting:

    • 6.7 million jobs
    • USD 67.8 Billion GDP
    • 67 Million passengers
    • 256 Airlines
    • 1,302 Aircraft
    • 762,000 Flights
    • 371 Commercial Airport